Parks and Gardens

U.S. Capital during the HolidaysWashington D.C. is known for its memorials, museums and being our country’s capitol city. There is so much history to be learned, tributes to be made, architecture to be studied that one can be left in need of a break from the marble, stone and somber places that make up such a large part of the city’s identity. If you find yourself wanting to experience a more natural side of this fine city, then be sure and put on your list of things to do at least one, if not all, of the following Washington D.C. parks and gardens.

Right across the street to your Windsor Park hotel accommodations, you’ll find the gem known as Rock Creek Park.Take a leisurely walk to reflect, soothe your spirits or just get some fresh air amongst majestic trees. This is just one of the wonderful Washington D.C. parks to discover. Visit the National Park Service, for information about Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony ticket lotteries and other special events.


Visitors who are looking to experience the world from a wild perspective should not miss a visit to the Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park. Perhaps most wild is the fact that entrance to the zoo is FREE!

Besides getting up close and personal with species from around the world visitors can:

• Learn about the Smithsonian’s global conservation efforts
• Take a hands-on approach
• Sign up for classes, camps or overnight excursions
• Create special moments sure to be remembered for years to come when you throw your child’s birthday party at the zoo!
• Explore the animal world and experience endless amounts of fun with kids of all ages

Switch gears and explore the world through its plant life when you pay a visit to the United States Botanical Gardens. Visitors can:

• Continue their knowledge and practice of conservation efforts
• Explore and discover plants unique to the U.S.
• Learn to Landscape for Life
• Take part in the Sustainable Sites Initiative
• Increase your appreciation for nature’s wonders with breathtaking exhibits of rare horticulture as an art form

Whether you are just in town for a visit or looking for volunteer opportunities, the Botanical Gardens are sure to make you smile at the wonders and beauty of plant life.

Next time you’re planning to visit Washington D.C. try and make time to visit our peaceful, educational and visually appealing parks and gardens.