National Memorials

Washington DC National Mall & Memorials


Outside of being our nation’s capitol, Washington D.C. is perhaps as well-known for its National Mall and Memorial Parks. This area of our capitol city encapsulates our country’s history through tributes, memorials and monuments of honored presidents, branches of the armed services, veterans as well as significant historical events.

While generally more somber than traditional ‘malls’ and city ‘parks,’ visitors will be moved, educated and likely filled with a sense of service and overwhelming pride after visiting even one memorial. Don’t be surprised if you notice a growing sense of gratitude as you go about gaining a more thorough knowledge of the sacrifices many before us have made in order to build this great country known as The United States of America!

lincoln-statue-smSome of our past presidents who are honored along the National Mall include the Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, and the iconic Lincoln Memorial. Interesting to note is that the marble that was used to create not only the Lincoln Memorial but also the Tomb of the Unknowns was quarried right here in the US out of Marble, Colorado.

Visit the Marine and Navy Memorials and the iconic Arlington National Cemetery honoring branches of our armed services and our fallen veterans. You’ll get a sense of time, place and sacrifice of our veterans and the families they’ve left behind. Memorials such as the Vietnam Women’s Memorial serve to capture a glimpse into life as it was lived by those involved and the effects of war on life through death. For some, visiting the Iwo Jima Memorial or the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial brings to life what we’ve learned from pictures and history books or gives a solemn place to find, visit and pay tribute to lost loved ones. Take some time to view the left-behind memorials, and you’re sure to be moved.

While these memorials largely honor events and people serving to protect our country on foreign shores, Americans have no shortage of pride and respect for those who protect and serve domestically. Pay tribute to these brave men and women with a visit to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

Washington D.C. has a broad spectrum of museums, memorials and monuments that visitors to the city will find educational, inspirational and an honorable way to pay tribute to the history of our country and its patriots. Then return to the Windsor Park Hotel to share your stories or reflect on your experiences. We look forward to hearing about your journeys and experiences.