smithsonian-castle-museum-smMuseums help bring history with long-ago, forgotten times and unreachable places come to life before our very eyes. They shed light on lifestyles, trends and modes of living from our ancestors into the future. No visit to Washington DC would be complete without visiting at least one museum but choosing which one (or ones) may be the biggest hurdle to overcome!

Do you prefer a specific topic, such as Air and Space or Natural History? Have you been longing to get as close to the Hope Diamond as possible or view our nation’s Declaration of Independence? If this sounds like the kind of museum(s) you could immerse yourself in, then make sure and visit the Smithsonian Institute! This seriously amazing compilation of history has 15 museums to explore.

Art lovers or prospective art students can tap into their creative side with a visit to the Corcoran Museum. This gallery of art and College of Art + Design offers students of all ages a chance to widen their perspective by seeing the world through the eyes of others while exploring their own personal vision.

Continue your exploration of art and architecture at the Kreeger Museum. Stroll the property’s five and a half acres of gardens and tranquil woods sprinkled with sculptures throughout. Inside you’ll uncover the Kreeger’s focus towards 19th and 20th century paintings.

Perhaps you harbor secret desires of learning to become a spy or simply want to uncover the secret world of espionage. Get spy smart with a visit to the International Spy Museum or sign up for Spy Camp! Kids & families will find plenty of sleuthing to entertain and educate.

Have you ever wanted to be or wonder what interests a philatelist? Do you know what a philatelist is or does? Find out when you take a tour of the National Postal Museum! One of the Smithsonian’s museums, you’ll not only see history come to life via United States postage stamps, you can also participate in their Activity Zone where you can create your own stationery, design a stamp or download activity guides.

A must-see visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum will allow you to pay tribute to the victims and the men and women who fought for their cause during WWII and beyond.  This certainly is not the most glamorous time in our history but one that shaped the future for generations to come.